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Tachyon Auto Detailing is pleased to offer our professional hand car wash and wax services in Charlotte NC. 

Our team of highly trained detailers will clean your wheels, tires, and fenders with a variety of brushes to reach all areas. We then thoroughly hand wash your vehicle (using the two bucket method to prevent swirls on paint), including cleaning the door jambs, gas cap, and removing bugs off the front end. 

We then clay bar your paint to remove any stuck on dirt and debris (leaving your paint feeling really smooth).

Finally, we apply a layer of wax or sealant to all painted surfaces by machine for a lasting shine and protection that can last up to 6 months. We also dress your tires to make them shine (they’ll be dry to the touch once applied) and clean your exterior glass and windows to give you crystal clear vision. 

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Wash & Wax Includes:

Wash & Wax Pricing

DISCLAIMER: If the condition of vehicle is in rough shape or has a lot of pet hair, price could be more due to taking longer to get it cleaned.


It’s all depends if your car is garage kept or outside parked . If it’s in a garage then it can last between five to six months. If you have your car it’s outside most of the time , and it rain most of the time, then maybe you can get four months out of it.
wax will hide the micro-light swirls and scratches in your paint. They are “filled in” with the wax which creates more shine. So it does hide the light scratches, but it does not actually remove any of them.