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Yes, I have a mobile unit with spot free water, power and everything needed to service your vehicle. If you live in an area where HOA won’t allow us to detail your car on the property then you can drop off your vehicle at my garage located in Charlotte NC
Yes, but I do not flood the engine bay with an excessive amount of water. I use the pressure washer on low setting to remove any debris before degreasing and agitating.
All depends in the condition and size, usually it takes about an 30-45 minutes complete

For the Wash and Wax

It’s all depends if your car is garage kept or outside parked . If it’s in a garage then it can last between five to six months. If you have your car it’s outside most of the time , and it rain most of the time, then maybe you can get four months out of it.
wax will hide the micro-light swirls and scratches in your paint. They are “filled in” with the wax which creates more shine. So it does hide the light scratches, but it does not actually remove any of them.